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Amy Newcombe

Professor Newcombe teaches the Introduction to Lawyering course and the Legal Analysis and Methods course to first year students. She teaches Education Law and runs our Appellate Advocacy program.

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What Books Should You Read Before Starting Law School?

Posted by Amy Newcombe on 2/22/17 11:00 AM

I love that you’re asking this question. It’s a great idea to spend time reading before your first year of law school. And I love books, so it gives me a chance to reminisce about some recent good reads and some old favorites. Though I would argue that whatever you decide to read is less important than the decision to read itself.

Selecting a few books to read before law school makes good sense for two reasons. First, we learn a lot by reading in law school so you will want to build good reading habits, to increase your reading stamina, and to get used to reading to learn.

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