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Isabel "Issa" DiSciullo joined Seton Hall Law School this September as an established national leader in admissions and a recognized expert in diversity and inclusion. Issa firmly believes that education and its access ought to be level fields and that every prospective student, regardless of race, social or economic backgrounds, has the potential to succeed, if given the opportunity. She received her M.S. in Higher Education Administration from Northeastern University.

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When and How To Write an Addendum to Your Law School Application

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 9/26/19 4:29 PM

Once you have tackled your personal statement and secured outstanding letters of recommendation, it is time to stand back and look at the “pieces” of your law school application objectively. It is helpful to view your law school application as a puzzle to be understood by the readers (those evaluating your potential for success in law school and in a legal career).

In most cases the readers will only get to know you from the items in your application file. There will be no interview and no other way to assess your potential. So, stand back and objectively determine – with everything that will be seen in my admissions file, what raises questions? What are the missing puzzle pieces to understanding why I am a good candidate for admission?

If you feel that your application, when viewed as a whole, is missing an important piece of information that could answer the above questions, you should consider writing an addendum. Below are the most common types of addenda we see:  


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Avoiding Law School Tuition Sticker Shock

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 3/27/19 11:15 AM

(Updated October 21,2019) Congratulations!  You’ve been admitted to a few different law schools!  Now – you just need to figure out how to pay for it!  You thought the hard part was over – but, now, it seems like it is just beginning.  Let me help you get a realistic vision of what to expect/what not to expect with regards to paying for law school.


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How Do You Find The Best Law School For You? 

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 1/10/18 10:19 AM

(Updated October 2, 2019) Now that your admissions decisions are rolling in, it is time to get down to the business of selecting your law school.  One of the most important things that you can do to make this important choice is to spend time and visit law schools you are seriously considering.  At most law schools, the opportunities for visitation come in a variety of formats. 


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Using Law School Rankings to Help You Make Decisions

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 3/29/17 12:32 PM

Post updated October 22, 2019
Most admissions professionals spend a considerable amount of time helping law school applicants understand the various ranking mechanisms that are out there and trying to guide prospective law students to a rational, thoughtful use of these tools.

Before we dig into this – I want to caution you that the use of any of these tools should only be one part of your analysis. It is important for you to do your homework by visiting schools you are interested in, seeking out data and information from websites and professionals at the schools, and talking to alumni. No single rank or publication should dictate your choices. Available information is best used in an all-inclusive approach.


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Position Yourself to Practice Law in New York

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 1/12/17 1:15 PM

Updated December 2, 2019.

Many prospective students enter law school hoping to work in a particular geographic area. For example, some may ask – if I go to school in New Jersey, do I have chance to practice law in New York City? At Seton Hall, the answer is an unquestionable yes. Seton Hall students will actually see that they have more than just a chance to practice law in New York; they will have options.


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Obtain an Outstanding Law School Letter of Recommendation

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 11/25/15 8:30 AM


(Post updated September 26, 2019)

Now that you have written a superb personal statement, I want to focus on another aspect of your law school application – Letters of Recommendation (LOR) are another way that an otherwise average application may rise above the pack.

Although you do not have control over what your letter writer(s) may write, you certainly have control over the process. This includes ensuring that you select the individual(s) with the most relevant and positive things to say and that you provide them with the necessary information needed so that they can speak thoughtfully to your strengths and, if necessary, address any weaknesses your application may reveal.


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How to Write a Personal Statement for Law School

Posted by Isabel DiSciullo on 11/5/15 10:00 AM

(Post updated September 26, 2019)

There is no doubt that there's just a little bit of pressure on you to write the best personal statement you can. After all, there's no other component of the law school application that you can control as much as this one. And...a well written personal statement can really help to set you apart from all the other applicants since this is essentially your interview on paper. So, how do you write a personal statement for law school? I'm hoping that I can offer some thoughts to prevent you from dreading the personal statement and instead embrace it as an amazing tool to share your story!


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