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U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certificate Program for JD and MLS Students

Posted by Nicole Ng on 6/24/24 9:01 AM

The Center for Health & Pharmaceutical Law at Seton Hall Law School offers seven healthcare compliance programs annually in five different countries/regions. The U.S. Healthcare Compliance Certification Program (HCCP) is a four-day program offered in-person in May and virtually in October. The Program teaches the overall fundamentals of healthcare compliance and attracts professionals from across the country. Seton Hall Law School faculty and industry leaders provide a comprehensive overview of state, federal, and international law governing prescription drugs and medical devices. Attendees examine health care-related laws and regulations alongside other compliance, ethics and integrity officers, legal counsel, health care consultants, and regulatory and medical affairs professionals. Throughout the Program, participants engage in group problem-solving activities and analyze the covered laws and regulations through case studies.


The Benefits of Judicial Clerkships After Graduation

Posted by Katherine Ryan on 6/17/24 2:00 PM

Seton Hall Law’s first year legal writing and research curriculum concluded the spring semester with a visit from New Jersey Supreme Court Chief Justice Rabner. Chief Justice Rabner spoke in the Larson Auditorium to the 1L class about the benefits of Clerkships post-graduation from Seton Hall Law School. Some of these benefits include extensive legal research and writing experience, an upfront look at successful oral arguments, access to the judge’s chambers and insight to how cases are decided.


Barristers’ Ball: Balancing Studies with Social Connection

Posted by Carter Massengill on 6/10/24 12:03 PM

For many in the legal profession, the concept of work-life balance seems elusive. Perhaps a narrative shift is needed: one that doesn’t compartmentalize work and life, but integrates them. Barristers’ Ball, an annual event hosted by the Student Bar Association (SBA), offers students a chance to unwind and rejuvenate while immersing themselves in the legal community. Barristers’ was held on March 23 at an exciting new venue, The Legacy Castle in Pompton Plains, NJ, which exuded an atmosphere of refinement with its soaring ceilings and chandeliers.


Get to Know Newark: Cafes for Your Next Study Session

Posted by Priscilla Febus on 4/23/24 11:40 AM

Once you are a law student, it is easy to make the library your second home. However, as much as Seton Hall Law students love ramping the building and visiting Café Deni for a quick caffeine fix, sometimes a new study space is much needed.


The Seton Hall Law School Leadership Fellows Program Continues to Inspire

Posted by Paula Franzese on 4/17/24 1:49 PM

Seton Hall Law School’s Leadership Fellows Program, under the direction of Prof. Paula Franzese, is an honors program comprised of third and fourth year law students with demonstrated leadership ability and/or leadership potential. Students selected for the Program participate in the Leadership, Ethics, and Decision-Making course and develop and implement a community-based service project. In the Leadership course students hone decision-making skills, consider the ethical challenges sometimes faced by lawyer-leaders, develop core leadership proficiencies, hone time-management abilities and consider pathways to balance in the legal profession. Distinguished leaders of the bench and bar share their wisdom as part of the Program’s Leadership Speaks lecture series.


Re-Discovering a Passion for Health Law Through The Externship Program

Posted by Cheska Tolentino on 4/15/21 11:20 AM

Pursuing three different placements through Seton Hall Law’s Externship Program organically led me to re-discover my passion for healthcare. As an undergrad at Oberlin College, I majored in Biology planning to pursue a career in healthcare and life sciences. But after college, my career path shifted to government and public policy, moving away from the healthcare space for nine years. Then as I took steps to become a second-career law student, I chose Seton Hall Law in large due part to its top-ranked health law program. Little did I know that I would find fulfilling experiences in health law through Seton Hall Law School’s externship program.


Topics: Classes and Courses, Experiential Learning, Clinics, Health Law

The Seton Hall Law Community

Posted by Mateo Diaz on 2/26/21 11:18 AM

Prior to law school, I heard rumors about how competitive law school would be – like classmates ripping pages out of books to make sure you do not get ahead of them. As a first generation law student, these rumors terrified me. While law school is competitive, the community at Seton Hall Law School is nowhere near the rumors I heard.


Topics: Advice and Tips, Student Life

6 Reasons to Make Pro Bono Work Part of Your Law School Experience

Posted by Lori Borgen on 10/27/20 7:00 AM

Attorneys and law students across the country will be joining the National Pro Bono Celebration from October 25-31, 2020. The ABA Standing Committee on Pro Bono and Public Service launched this important initiative because of the increasing need for vital pro bono services to help low-income individuals and non-profit groups.

As a law student, you can be involved in many activities and take a variety of classes. Here’s why volunteer legal work should be part of your law school experience:


Topics: Internships/Jobs, Experiential Learning, Clinics

How to Handle Being on a Law School Waitlist

Posted by Peter Eraca on 9/16/20 4:05 PM

(Post updated September 14, 2023)

The Waiting is the Hardest Part

After all the hard work that goes into completing and submitting a law school application, it can be disappointing to find out that you have been waitlisted at one of your top choice schools. Being waitlisted can be particularly troubling for people used to being proactive, so we often get questions about the process moving forward.  Here are some things to keep in mind:


Topics: Advice and Tips, Admissions

Questions to Ask at Virtual and In-Person Law School Fairs

Posted by Katya Valasek on 9/16/20 2:21 PM

Before the COVID-19 pandemic, law school admissions staff heads would head out on the road every fall to attend numerous law school fairs, graduate school fairs and LSAC Forums around the country. This year, the events are virtual. Whether in person or through the wonders of technology, these events are so important for interested students because it is the best exposure you, as a candidate, can get to a large number of schools from around the country. You can begin to build relationships with people at your top schools – regardless of where you are in the process. Coming to these events prepared and asking the right questions will make you a more informed consumer.  

Not sure what to talk about once you get there? Use this opportunity to ask for specific information about the schools at the top of your list. Here are some questions to keep in mind when attending a law school fair or LSAC forum:


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