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Is this a water slide?

Posted by Sarah Jensen on 4/25/19 4:25 PM

I finally took the plunge and brought my kids to work on this so-named day. I was excited to teach my son and daughter a little bit about what I do (they still don't know), introduce them to my coworkers, and watch them explore this "way awesome" building. While we did bond over some of the daily grind, they really opened my eyes to the place I've studied or worked the last 14 years.   

Here's a list of some of their questions from the day:


How much more longer is the meeting? 

I feel like this is something we all ask ourselves. Within fifteen minutes, my kids were beginning to appreciate the daily struggle! They got it!

For this one hour, my son and daughter joined a weekly meeting I normally attend and were so well-behaved, but completely lost interest after they finished the chocolate chip muffins. Can anyone relate? 😆

My daughter shared notes with me during the meeting. For a full translation, see below the picture. I opted not to include the note where they started fighting in writing about who was cheating at tic-tac-toe.

meeting notes

how much more longer?
I need a tissue
there is nothing to do (insert two exclamation points with frown underneath)
I am tired and I want blankie
How many more minutes

I felt like we really bonded at this point in the day. Real-life work exposure? ✔️



How come I can't check out Harry Potter at the library?

Totally valid question. All the more so when he found out the library had three floors! The nerve!

While I could have found case law involving Harry Potter, I knew this is not at all what he meant. I will talk to our librarians about this, buddy. Possibly even bring it up with the bookstore, because both my kids were similarly unimpressed with the book selection there - although the teddy bears and sweatshirts were a huge hit.

I just loved that they were interested in the library even while on spring break. The library is integral to what we do here, educating future lawyers and all. But then we started to go off the rails with the questions. Remember the title of this post?


Is this a water slide?

waterslideUm, no. But how cool would that be?! Never mind the liability and insurance issues.

Bless them for comparing our school to a super-cool water park.  Dean Boozang, could we talk about making this happen? Even if just for a day? BTW, here is a full view of the "water slide."

full view waterslide

This could have been the best question of the day. Runner-up, maybe, to the next one. 


Can we shake his hand?

Me in my head: You mean you actually want to exercise use of the manners I've been relentlessly drilling into your head for the last 8 years?! Yes - by all means - shake his hand!!

I was proud and excited to see who they were interested in meeting. Didn't go as I imagined. 

T handshake

k handshake

Did anyone else shake hands with this gentleman today? 🤔 Maybe we could start a thing. Make me feel a little better...

After a few hours, they really started getting comfortable. Almost too comfortable. 


Can I walk across this walkway? 

Was absolutely not a walkway - just a giant beam behind a railing connecting two parts of the library. See bottom right. 

walking on the beam

Once I confirmed there would be no climbing rails or traversing walkways (basically ruining the fun), I got one last question that was the perfect ending to the day.

Do you think I'll figure this all out when I go to school here? 

For anyone who's been in the building, this question was in reference to the maze of ramps, stairs, and elevators connecting our classrooms, offices, and open spaces. I'm pretty sure we walked almost all of them today. And although this was a simple question about navigation, I couldn't help but smile when he said "go to school here" - my future pirate. #SetonHallLawProud

smiles in front of building

 Thanks for this amazing day you two. Keep smiling and looking at the world in your own way! 


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